Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answers to your questions on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact us

  • Q:How long will it take to recondition my gearbox?
  • A: We generally allow a week from the time we receive your gearbox.
  • Q:Is it possible to fit an upgraded diff carrier to my Cruze gearbox while you recondition it?
  • A:Yes, it is possible to fit an upgraded diff carrier to your original Cruze gearbox,  We highly recommend the upgraded carrier as there is no warning when or where the original carrier will break.
  • Q:Do you offer a warranty with your reconditioned gearboxes?
  • A.:Yes*, Our reconditioned gearboxes come with a 6 mth back to base warranty, 
  • *Please Note:  When reconditioning a customers own Cruze gearbox we would advise to fit an upgraded diff carrier, if the customer decides they DO NOT want to upgrade the diff carrier we CANNOT and WILL NOT warranty the original diff carrier against breakage or subsequent damage caused by the diff carrier breaking…
  • Q:Are you able to organise the freight?
  • A: Yes, we can easily organise a courier to collect your gearbox from just about anywhere in Australia
  • Q:What payment methods do you accept?
  • A: Our preferred payment method is bank transfer, we can also accept payments through pay pal.
  • Q.Are you able to supply clutch kits for other makes and models?
  • A: Yes, we can supply clutch kits for any make and model of vehicle, please contact us with the details from the vehicle, and we’ll get a quote for you.